Devoted +


Package Description

This is the Devoted + package, which includes all of the normal Devoted rank perks, plus a lot more! This is a monthly subscription that costs £8/month and will allow you extra features and perks in the Minecraft server, not available to everyone else, like:

  • All of Devoted's perks (
  • Full access to the Devoted's Island, a large private island that only people with Devoted + can have access to.
  • PvP and hangout rooms, can be found on the Devoted's Island.
  • Hall of Heroes, your own spot in the room. 
  • NEW! Exclusive Vehicles feature. This is a new feature that lets you buy your very own vehicles and drive them around!
  • In-game Devoted + Tag
  • Devoted's own Custom Crate, this includes custom models and spawners exclusive to this crate!
  • Placeable Custom Throne and Plaque,  which can be won in the crate!

Type /devoted in-game to open up the Devoted menu.  

All payments will help with server growth and development.  
Thank you for your support!