Package Description

This is the Flash rank. It will grant you additional privileges in the AstroComet Minecraft server.

  • "Flash" prefix
  • /fly - Toggle fly mode
  • /heads - Access to all the heads
  • /disposal - Opens a trash can
  • /near - See nearby players
  • Simple shulker box opening - ¬†Right click in hand to open
  • /fishing - Open fisher merchant
  • /trails - Open a menu full of cool trails
  • Disguises - Bat, Wolf, Endermite, Evoker, Magma Cube, Slime, Minecart, Vex, Ender Crystal, Salmon, Item Frame, Illusioner & Dragon Fireball¬†
  • Set 8 homes in total
  • Supports Server Growth
  • (Previous rank perks)