Package Description

This is the Star rank. It will grant you additional privileges in the AstroComet Minecraft server.

  • "Star" prefix
  • Set 7 homes in total
  • /heal - Fills up your food and health (15 min cooldown)
  • /anvil - Open an anvil
  • /mining - Open mining merchant
  • Disguises - Blaze, Axolotl, Boat, Cow, Ghast, Llama, Painting, Panda, Shulker & Wither
  • /nick - With colour and bold
  • /Skull to get your own skull!
  • Usage of invisible item frames  05d2a56b185e18941576c444971fae2a188f1324.png
  • Supports Server Growth
  • (Previous rank perks)